Turn your HOME into a green power plant. Turn sunlight into pure energy.

Power your household with the Sun

SunRoof manufactures 2-in-1 solar roofs and innovative façades that generate electricity without having to install traditional photovoltaic modules. The functionality of solar roofs by SunRoof set new standards, as they protect, insulate and ventilate houses, and produce electricity at the same time.

Integrated with the whole structure of the building, they are simple, lightweight, and easy to install thanks to novel and specially designed materials and fittings that entirely substitute multiple-layer roofs.

  • Get rid of electricity bills
  • Make your home more valuable
  • Manage energy in your household

Setting a new standard in construction

SunRoof brings a new quality in energy-independent buildings, with the underlying idea of a harmonious relationship between three aspects that are key for man: comfort, energy, and the environment.

Original solutions allow for maximum consumption of electricity produced by SunRoof, thereby satisfying the electricity demand of even the most demanding residents. The technology that enables smart energy management makes life easier and more convenient. SunRoof, with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, is a testament to our dedication to the environment and future generations.

SunRoof’s R&D centre is a place where we develop the best Scandinavian models to improve our innovative solar roofs, and where we introduce environmentally-friendly novelties into the global market. We create the technologies of tomorrow to build a future based on renewable energy sources.

What we do

BIPV – developement of new designs, materials, manufacturing processes, and solar systems to maximize efficiency.

Functionality – developing technologies, including our de-icing system which ensures that the whole surface of the roof stays free of snow and ice, guaranteeing the right amounts of energy.

Aesthetics – ensuring that our SunRoofs are in a class of their own in design, working on colour, shape, and materials to make every SunRoof a unique product.

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